Dorota Szczepańska - sopran liryczna koloratura


Dorota Szczepańska in the role of Galatea shone with a rare maturity of vocal freedom, her beautiful soprano, full of many colors, was able to express all the nuances of the role, from the obsession of falling in love to the desperation of despair. The artist uses a wonderful belcanto, effectively finding herself in the Baroque style, although her voice is ready to create stronger parts, probably without losing the sweetness and technique of expression. It was a great creation also because the singer was able to make this part more dynamic from the dramatic side.
— Tomasz Pasternak „Orfeo”



Polish soprano born in Warsaw, currently based in Hannover, cooperating with outstanding artists gaining recognition from the audience and critics. In the opera repertoire specializing mainly in the music of the Baroque and Classicism eras, but able to find herself in many musical styles, constantly looking for connections between classical and popular music.

Dorota performed alongside Howard Arman as Semele by Haendel; Trevor Pinnock as Maria in „Lazarus” by Schubert; Christina Pluhar and L’Arpeggiata at the Baltic Sea Festival in Stockholm together with, among others, Céline Sheen and Vincenzo Capezzuto; Topi Lehtipuu and Silvia Frigato at Teatro Carlo Felice in Genova, as well as recorded the title role in Stradella’s opera „La Circe” together with Mauro Borgioni conducted by Andrea de Carlo; „Ave Maria” with the London Symphony Orchestra by Krzysztof. A. Janczak and many movie soundtracks as well as CDs, also for the NAXOS label.

Interested in mix & mastering, photography and directing, Dorota has been developing her YouTube channel since 2020, presenting – in addition to the classical performances – her own interpretations of classical works and numerous covers.

Early 2022 saw the release of the first studio EP of LAMENTO PROJECT created together with Alon Sariel and Peter Schwebs.

lamento project

And in July 2024, the EP HÄNDEL SHORTS was released, recorded together with Rafał Tomkiewicz (countertenor) and Alon Sariel (mandolin, lute, baroque guitar).

händel shorts

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